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If your thoughts somehow find all these crazy indirect ways back to a person you know or used to know, GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM.

I cannot express how important this is.

You probably won't think anything so outright as "Hey, I remember him. We should get back in touch." But you might find yourself reminiscing about a trip in eighth grade that he went on, too; or how you just talked to someone you know through him but haven't actually spoken with him in two years. Maybe you'll suddenly be really into these songs or artists that somehow remind you of a person, whether directly or indirectly.

It's all really vague, I know, but this has personally happened to me twice now: this sudden touching onto so many memories connected loosely by one particular friend -- just one reoccuring person who seems to insist on staying in your thoughts, but always in the background... and then losing him.

Newsday article: Mike Fallacaro, C.W. Post student, killed in crash

We impact the lives of the people we know (and vice versa) in ways we'll never know. A few weeks ago, I started to feel dramatically better about my life -- more productive, more content. I did feel I appreciated the people in my life substantially more. And I did, and I do.

Listen to me: I want you to discover how great it can be to appreciate those you know and have known. Make your own incarnation of "Carpe Diem," but please, I want you at least to learn what it's like to hold what's important to you and how best you can appreciate those you've been coexisting with.

I know the past can be embarassing, but the weight you feel when you think of weaker times is really just in the past. The friends you had in the past, they aren't weights; they're seemless parts that blend together and make you. Don't seek to avoid or forget them; just REALIZE FRIENDS -- make them and make them again. It's so simple, but it's so fulfilling.

And none of this is about regretting not talking to someone before I couldn't anymore or any "spare yourselves pain!" or "If only I could've changed the course of time" B.S. I just want to convey to you that, as high on some kind of crazy, crazy drug as I sound right now, keeping in touch when you can is seriously one of the best things you can do with your life.

I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way.

Get in touch with the people your memories insist are in your life.
This is some of the best advice I can offer.
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Jared Fest


Jesse D., Josh 'n' I opened the whole 2-day event -- I was worried my leg would start shaking when I played my intro to the intro song that introduced the whole shebang, but it didn't. *pats leg* Good work.

Obi-Wan Kenobi / No Woman No Cry (snippet)
Ted's Mom is My Girlfriend
My Heart Will Go On
Jared's Song (an original by Jesse)
King of Pain (first two verses) / Roseland Ballroom Homeless Guy

All the other bands were a-hard rockin' and, yeah, we were way, way out of our element, but we didn't really feel it. The set had a few mistakes here and there, but no major blunders. The songs translated well from 9-piece ska band to the new arrangements for guitar, trombone and organ... it was all just really resonant. People came up to us later to say they really appreciated that we played. Somewhere, Jared's smiling.

Didn't realize until Jesse indirectly pointed it out that it's been four years... almost to the day, come to think of it now... four years since I last played (non-classical / non-community band music) on stage. Before yesterday, it was the Sahara show TNL was in (the Village Pub Boxing Day disaster doesn't count).

Jared's Mom is coming to tonight's show. I'm writing papers and can't make it, but I hope she has a great time there, checks out the t-shirts and records they're selling in his memory, all the people there (word is that both nights are completely sold out)...

It was great. It was pretty tough, but I'm happy.
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Jared Fest today and tomorrow

Very short notice (it's 4:58 friday), but a notice nonetheless...

Tuesday Night's Leftovers is not actually playing, although Josh, Jesse D. and I (Jackson)'ll be performing a bit of a Storytellers-like set at the Saturday show.

I think you can buy tickets at the door. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, but I'm not 100% on it. Contact the organizers (Give Back Records; phone is 687-3601) for more information.

Please come -- the money is going toward Jared's memorial scholarship fund.


Saturday and Sunday
December 17th and 18th (5 p.m. start both days)

1075 Portion Road
Farmingville, NY

Ticket Info:
You can purchase tickets at Give Back Records in Medford, and at 4 In The Morning Studios in East Northport. If you buy a ticket for both days it will be $20, and if you buy tickets for either Saturday or Sunday it will be $12 for either day. If you need infomation on how to get to either of these places Give Back Records phone number is 687-3601 and 4 In The Mornings number is 858-1415.

Bands Playing:
Crime In Stereo
Dead Hearts
.....+ A Whole Lot More
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Jared Benefit 7"

(Announcement from In Orbit Records)

Jesse here,

Here's the dizzy...

This coming December, Give Back Records is sponsering Jaredfest. Members of Noshiponmysea, Filth Beast and Beowulf Jones (all former leftovers) plus friends are getting together for a one time Tuesday Night's Leftovers: Storytellers set.

The reason i'm writing - Jared wrote and sang a tune named "Roseland Ballroom Homeless Guy" which never had the chance to be professionally recorded. We want to get the August 8th 2001 Village Pub version of Roseland pressed to 100 copies of 7" vinyl, and are looking a probably a 500$ bill for it. Jared's legacy deserves this. It will be something concrete to represent Jared's lifelong love for music.

We wish it was cheaper. It would be nice to donate the proceeds entirely to the scholarship fund. But i don't really want to charge more than $5 each either. So i'm looking for a way to get some money to give it a release worthy of having Jared's name on it. Just to clarify, we are making no money off this and once we pay off whatever loans we end up with the rest of the money will be donated to Jared's scholarship fund.

So right now we are looking for donations. The track to needs to be ready for pressing by Halloween in order to get it in time. Think of this as a pledge drive... No celebrities, just music! The way Jared would have wanted it.

Any donations in excess of $5 entitles you to a copy of the record if you want it. Think of it as a pre-order. So talk to everyone you know that ever went to a TNL show or knew Jared about just donating a few bucks to the cause.

Every bit will help!!! We are seriously counting our pennies just to get this moving and anything you can do to help would be amazing.

Things have really taken off quickly and so many awesome gears are in motion.

As of now, the A side will feature Jared's Epic Ode "Roseland Ballroom Homeless Guy" and the B side will feature a patchwork of recordings of Jared laughing, joking around, calling girls sluts, etc.

So again,
TNL is accepting preorders for the limited number of 7"s. Any donation of $5 or more will guarantee you a copy, anything you donate over $5 will go towards defraying the cost of producing this record. The 7"s themselves will be $5 at JaredFest if any are left. Any and all money generated by the sale of these records will go to Jared's scholarship fund.

Contact either Josh ( http://www.myspace.com/filthbeast ) or my personal account ( http://www.myspace.com/jdhornz ) if you're interested in aiding this project.
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Antics with a bad aftertaste

As much as I want to blame Rome, I really can't. I can only blame my klepto ways.

Well, that's not entirely true; I can't only be blaming.


So I walked out of LOEWS in Stony Brook last night with a standee as tall as myself for the History Channel's upcoming special on Rome. Got away with it once before (coincidentally, that cutout was for another History Channel documentary), but this attempt was just poorly executed: too much sketchy looking around, too noisy picking up the standee, too many people around, including an Arrow Security car whose officer radioed employees inside the building as we walked by.

It was just bad.

And then, having re-apprehended the standee, they took a picture-phone picture of my license plate (likely a scare tactic, but who knows).


March of the Penguins, by the way, was quite good. Jesse was hoping that it would turn out to be an hour-and-a-half-long shot of penguins waddling across ice.
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Guess who had a vegetable omlette yesterday!

The kid who threw up in the sticker aisle!!

Worked 2 to closing yesterday and mopped up more than usual:

1) A mom came up to customer service to let us know one of her boys (who were shuffling idly behind her) had spilled a soda. Took a while to towel up, but the cup seems to have been only half full. Or empty.

2) An hour or so later, a, um... a reasonably attractive female walked by me and, as she passed, said, "Yum." I was confused, I was flattered -- but mostly just confused. Of course, moments later, another mother approached me, prefacing with "Now, not to be gross, but..."

Ah, vomit.