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Jackson: The Unauthorized Autobiography

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!

13 May
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  • Jackson1214
I'm just your average fun lovin', squirrel admiring, swing dancing, trombone playing, mozzarella stick eating, jive talkin', muffin caressing, music appreciating, happiness inducing fellow known as: "Jackson," "Kevin," "Kevin Jackson," "HOTNESS PERSONIFIED" and, last but certainly not least, "Hey! You in the bushes!"

Ok, ok, so "HOTNESS PERSONIFIED" is a slight exaggeration...
achtung baby, alfred hitchcock, amateur break dancing, anton corbijn, aqua teen hunger force, aruba, bad horror movies, band trips, banzai, beck, ben folds, ben folds five, billy collins, brian verderosa, cake, cameron diaz, cats, checkers, cheesiness, chris moynihan, chuck palahniuk, conan o'brien, cuddling, cunnilingus, dangelotones, dark forces, david wojnarowicz, death cab for cutie, devotion, diners, dogs, dowling, drive-by brassings, duct tape, elliot smith, emo juice, esos mofos locos, eternal sunshine, family guy, ferrets, finding nemo, franka potente, futurama, gallivanting, gellin' like a felon, good emo moments, grace kelly, graffiti art, grasshopper, grilled chess, harrison ford, hobo nights, horseradish cookies, hugh jackman, humorous t-shirts, ice age, independent films, indiana jones, interpol, jeopardy!, jerry maguire, jettas, jimmy stewart, john cusack, john cusack movies, jon stewart, jumping in puddles, keith haring, kill bill, kissing, laughing like a fool, llamas, long drives, long island, long offbeat rants, love, lyrics, matthew good band, meg ryan, mitch hedberg, monkeys, monologues, movies, mozzarella sticks, ms. jenkins, muffin stompers, mutts, natalie portman, not sniffing glue, orange magic markers, patrick mcdonnell, penguins, performing live music, philip k. dick, piano, poetry, pop-up blockers, public jackassery, radiohead, randomness, ranting, reading, rejoicing peasants, remote controls, rip-off pants, robert frost, rock paper scissors, romance, science fiction, serendipity, señor roboto, shakespeare, shiny objects, shopping carts, sifl & olly, sleeping, smiling, so-called "chick flicks", sonic the hedgehog, spontaneity, squirrels, star wars, stars are! sad, sting, swedish fish, swing dancing, the cure, the joshua tree, the matrix 1, the police, the postal service, the potency of lyrics, thrift stores, thunder and lightning, trombone, tuesday night's leftovers, u2, uma thurman, vanilla sky, vending machines, wilson the volleyball, writing, yars' revenge, yodeling, zambonis,